Household Cleaning Supplies

Top Five Cleaning Supplies for your Home

Household Cleaning Supplies

By Uzu Director

I’m pretty sure that if you took the time to read the header, you’d have a substantial chunk of the idea as regards this piece even before you actually start reading. Well, there you have it! Many of us may find cleaning a hard thing to do while some of us just do it as per the only right thing to do when in a messy room, the remaining few actually love cleaning, it’s like a natural inherent gift. Regardless of what category you fall into, I think everyone really hates the stress that comes with cleaning and they are absolutely right to.  Cleaning can be really burdensome and tiring, especially if you do not have the right supplies for whatever it is you’re cleaning. There’s an endless list of various household cleaning supplies for different parts of a house and even outside. It is important to note that house cleaning supplies are a combination of cleaning tools, cleaning chemicals, cleaning machines, and personal protective equipment.

Let us for a minute consider the conventional cleaning tools and machines like the broom, mop, rag,  rubber gloves, and vacuum cleaner. You really can’t deny that it is very common and is by far the prettiest tool on this list. It is best left imagined the consequences of cleaning a rug or a carpet without this tool. From these somewhat legendary tools to the aprons, paper towels, feather dusters, bin bags,  dustpan, brushes, buckets, scum remover, floor polish, sponges, Stainless Steel cleaner, and so on. Not many of us may have the opportunity to have a variety of these cleaning supplies but you would want to have the basics.

Top Five Basic Cleaning Supplies for your Home.

Basics would mean the general cleaning supplies that you must have. Here are the five top basic supplies in their categories that I think would make cleaning less burdensome any day at any time.

  1. Brooms and scrub brushes
  2. Vacuum cleaner
  3. Cleaning chemicals
  4. Mop
  5. Microfiber cleaning cloth, 

and for an additional basic

  • Personal protective equipment.

The next question would probably be,  What is a Microfiber cloth?

What is a Microfiber Cloth?

Microfiber is a very fine synthetic fiber… other words it is really small.  Let’s put it this way a microfiber is one hundredth the diameter of a human hair.  So per square inch of a microfiber cloth there is an estimate of 200,000 fibers, each shaped like an asterisk. Its scientific structure makes it possible for the microfiber cloth to pick up dirt, dust, and moisture, even bacteria, locking it within the fibers. This is because the fibers are so minute that they’re able to pass through cracks, holes, or spaces alongside the invisible surface holes of the majority of the different kinds of materials. This makes the Microfiber cloth capable of locking in well above 90% of the germs it picks up. It has a very high absorbing capacity, that makes it suitable for cleaning glass. It is more effective in cleaning tiles and works well in cleaning smudged dirt, grease, and stains when wet.  In detail,  a Microfiber cloth can be used to dust, scrub, clean, and wipe, and anywhere you normally use paper or towel cloth.

To prevent your microfiber cloth from getting damaged in time you must ensure the following.

  • Wash often in cold to warm water temperature.
  •  Liquid based detergents are preferred for washing the microfiber. This is because particles of a powder detergent can get trapped in the fibers and cause it to scratch the cleaning surface over time.
  • Avoid using dryer sheets, fabric softeners and bleach. These can damage the microfibers.
  • For best results, do not wash with other types of materials, as unlike matter will attract.

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